Some of the key challenges faced by the Bahrain consumer and retail industry over the past three years have been the falling disposable income coupled with rising inflation. Due to this many consumers have become cautious on. This has impacted the Consumer Products industry, with year-on-year growth falling to exceptionally low levels and even negative in some cases. 

Over the last few years, an increased presence of existing players, as well as new entrants to the market, has created a more challenging environment. This, along with key macro indicators, global economic sentiments, real estate correction, and changes in oil prices, disposal income and inflation, has impacted this sector. The industry appears to be gearing up for this challenges through innovative tactics and delivery models with more use of innovation and technology. 

Government initiatives to promote Bahrain as manufacturing hub have helped to attract global players setting up their food manufacturing units in Bahrain. Challenges are plentiful in the food and beverage industry, whether it’s changing demographics, food safety, cost control, sustainability or demand for locally sourced items. Grant Thornton’s Sector team works with manufacturers, distributors and retailers, delivering solutions designed to promote growth and create value. Whether it’s:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Transaction Advisory Services
  • Valuation
  • Assurance
  • Tax and Regulatory
  • Forensic
  • Internal Audit and Controls

The Consumer Products sector

The Consumer Products sector is very competitive and extremely dynamic. Owing to our in-depth knowledge, experience in the local market, and our access to the global network, we help provide our clients the exceptional advantage to capture available opportunities and face any challenges.

The E-commerce sector in Bahrain is also gearing up for this industry and we expect unparalleled growth in coming years. It is expected to revolutionise the conduct of business and transform the buying experience for a consumer. 

The sector is witnessing a consolidation in business through strategic partnerships, inbound investments, and mergers and acquisitions. Companies are seeking to get access to customers, talent, intellectual property and technology both through organic and inorganic routes. Grant Thornton Bahrain provides the platform for these companies to focus on their growth by supporting our clients through our service offerings across all stages of evolution.

Our sector-focussed practitioners for assurance, advisory, tax, BRS, IT and Corporate & Legal are well-placed to support all your business needs, providing a wide basket of services, with the objective of becoming advisor of choice. We can help you with your international expansion plans and keep you up to date with latest international trends and innovations in this sector. 

Services We Offer

Strong cross border connections have led to an increased demand from our clients for our global capabilities. Rapidly growing businesses are either operating internationally or planning cross border expansions. This creates a need to adapt to challenging market conditions, dealing with complex events, transactions and restructuring.

As a global organization we focus on providing the best-in-class services designed to deliver real value and support investor confidence. We use the same tools, methodologies, training and standards across geographies to ensure consistency and cohesion. And our scale and depth means we have credible teams in all jurisdictions.

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Sunil Thakkar
Sunil Thakkar
Partner – Business Risk Services
Sunil Thakkar
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