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The Changing Healthcare Landscape

Demographic, organisational and resourcing issues are radically changing the global healthcare industry. And we’re only just beginning to understand the impact of recent technological advances – in life science research, medical equipment, and the internet.

But healthcare businesses are rising to the challenge. Public sector providers are looking for ever greater efficiencies. Healthcare players are revising business models and becoming more responsive. And pharmaceutical, life science and health IT firms are taking advantage of the openings that change always brings.

GCC Healthcare Sector

The GCC healthcare sector is abuzz with a series of mega projects under various stages of development. These are well supported by the regional governments’ long-term strategies to streamline the healthcare system, rollout of mandatory health insurance, and technological advancements.

The GCC healthcare market is projected to grow at a 12.1% CAGR from an estimated US$ 40.3 billion in 2015 to US$ 71.3 billion in 2020. An increase in the population and rising cost of treatment are the primary factors aiding growth.

The GCC region is witnessing a wave of information technology applications in delivering effective healthcare. The adoption of such technologies has the potential to improve the quality of care and reduce the cost substantially for both patients as well as providers.

Services We Offer

Strong cross border connections have led to an increased demand from our clients for our global capabilities. Rapidly growing businesses are either operating internationally or planning cross border expansions. This creates a need to adapt to challenging market conditions, dealing with complex events, transactions and restructuring.

As a global organization we focus on providing the best-in-class services designed to deliver real value and support investor confidence. We use the same tools, methodologies, training and standards across geographies to ensure consistency and cohesion. And our scale and depth means we have credible teams in all jurisdictions.