VAT Transfer Pricing

The laws surrounding transfer pricing are becoming ever more complex, as tax affairs of multinational companies are facing scrutiny from media, regulators, and the public.

Well-run businesses need to consider this new emphasis on compliance and audit activity. Through our international organization of member firms, we can help you understand these ever-more complex issues as your business continues its journey to growth.

Although these laws may share common features across various countries, the interpretations can differ from one country to another.

Making sure you take the right approach to compliance takes time and patience, as demands and penalties from authorities are increasing.

At Grant Thornton Bahrain, our people can offer real insight in the following areas:

audit support – our sophisticated economic arguments, research and databases can help you defend your transfer pricing policies before tax authorities

documentation – we use local knowledge to prepare country-specific documentation to satisfy tax regulations in your region

planning – the growth or restructuring of a company doing business internationally provides an opportunity to review transfer pricing and tax planning to minimise tax burdens

supply chain re-engineering – we offer critical analysis of your supply chain to help you gain operational efficiencies.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how we can help, download our Transfer Pricing brochure.


Services We Offer

Strong cross-border connections have led to an increased demand from our clients for our global capabilities. Rapidly growing businesses are either operating internationally or planning cross-border expansions. This creates a need to adapt to challenging market conditions, dealing with complex events, transactions and restructuring.

As a global organization, we focus on providing the best-in-class services designed to deliver real value and support investor confidence. We use the same tools, methodologies, training and standards across geographies to ensure consistency and cohesion. Our scale and depth mean we have credible teams in
all jurisdictions.