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Overcoming Pressure to Achieve Aims

Not-for-Profit organisations including charities, social housing and education providers, continue to be buffeted by the economies in which they operate. Reduced government funding combined with lower levels of voluntary giving from individuals and corporates is squeezing income.

Across the globe, Not-for-Profit organisations are increasingly expected to deliver more, while at the same time facing cuts in government funding and voluntary giving.

At Grant Thornton Abdulaal, we understand emerging global issues through our work with diverse Not-for-Profit organisations and investment in industry research. This sector understanding is applied to provide advice and tailored solutions to help you achieve your organisation’s goals.

Further, we understand the commitment and scrutiny within this sector and our industry specialists will work with you to meet these challenges, offering innovative solutions to help you develop new skills and open up sources of funding. The people in our not-for-profit teams are passionate about helping you achieve your mission and goals.

We work across the whole industry, both nationally and internationally, and you will have access to a specialist team who understand your organisation and the market that you operate in. 

Services We Offer

Strong cross border connections have led to an increased demand from our clients for our global capabilities. Rapidly growing businesses are either operating internationally or planning cross border expansions. This creates a need to adapt to challenging market conditions, dealing with complex events, transactions and restructuring.

As a global organization we focus on providing the best-in-class services designed to deliver real value and support investor confidence. We use the same tools, methodologies, training and standards across geographies to ensure consistency and cohesion. And our scale and depth means we have credible teams in all jurisdictions.