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Senior Partner

Jatin Karia

Create. Protect. Transform.

Changing the value game.

Grant Thornton Advisory Services professionals are progressive thinkers who create, protect and transform value today so our clients have the opportunity to thrive tomorrow. While business goals and strategies evolve, our services support you wherever you
are in your business cycle — whether you’re looking at a transaction to propel you forward, focusing on developing and implementing the right controls to mitigate risk, or advancing your company’s finance and technology infrastructure to match your aspirations.

We are changing the value game for clients. Our mission is to help you create value for your organization, protect its value against unnecessary business risks and transform your business value through operations and technology investment. To have maximum impact on your business at any stage, Advisory Services delivers the following value to you from four key interconnected business areas:

Business risk services

Business risk services Identify, manage and mitigate risk through controls, regulatory compliance, forensics, cyber and attest services. Learn more

Transaction advisory and Business consulting

Transaction advisory and Business consulting Fine-tune your organization for optimal performance through financial management, operations transformation, strategy, digital transformation and management, and technology solutions also open new horizons for competitive advantages and business profitability through diligence, corporate value consulting, strategic solutions and M&A tax consulting services Further,. Learn more

Information Technology Advisory service

Information Technology Advisory service, Integrate technology, products and services to create customer value through enterprise technology strategy, advanced technology and digital solutions, IT service management, strategic sourcing and technology resource effectiveness. Supporting CIOs to help them overcome their greatest challenges and achieve their highest goals. Learn more

Business process solutions

Business process solutions, as organisations extend their footprints domestically and internationally, the challenge of executing back office processes can become a distraction from core operations, while the need to meet reporting requirements in local or across multiple jurisdictions creates additional risk. Learn more