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Bahrain houses the oldest education system amongst the GCC countries. Shift taking is in place amongst the GCC countries to reduce their dependency on an oil-based economy. As a result, sectors like education are looked at to provide a robust system to result in strong intellectual capital. Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 has laid down the roadmap for the further development of the education system in the country. 

 Turn our insights to your advantage

Grant Thornton Abdulaal combines technical knowledge with local market understanding and deep industry knowledge with global reach, to help you to benefit from a return in growth and navigate the complexities in the environment.

Our team will take the time to understand what you need to help you achieve your goals. You can turn our specialist insight to your advantage and tap into all the knowledge you need. We’ll help you check how your establishment is performing against its peers. We can help to prepare your business plan and obtain necessary approval with respective authorities with in guidelines of MOE and MOIC&T.

 Assess your options and understand the risks

When it comes to planning and securing your future, you can call on our expertise. We specialise in helping you assess your strategic options and understanding the risks. You can put us to work to achieve the best possible outcomes for your establishment and students. In fact, we've helped many schools globally with restructures and transaction advisory.

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Strong cross border connections have led to an increased demand from our clients for our global capabilities. Rapidly growing businesses are either operating internationally or planning cross border expansions. This creates a need to adapt to challenging market conditions, dealing with complex events, transactions and restructuring.

As a global organization we focus on providing the best-in-class services designed to deliver real value and support investor confidence. We use the same tools, methodologies, training and standards across geographies to ensure consistency and cohesion. And our scale and depth means we have credible teams in all jurisdictions.

D. Chandrasekhar
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Director - Business Risk Services
D. Chandrasekhar
D. Chandrasekhar
Director - Business Risk Services
D. Chandrasekhar
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