IT Advisory

In response to the need of the market and the needs of our clients, we expanded our IT advisory services.

With a clear focus on “making life easy” for our clients, our teams work closely with our clients’ Senior Management in evaluating, implementing, operating, and monitoring technology investment to derive maximum benefits.

A strong team of technical and functional professionals having strong consulting experience, kept abreast of international and regional trends in technology through a strong research team internationally, ensure that our clients get sound and practical advice in a timely manner.

We are conscious that each organization faces different challenges, has different priorities and commitments, and a different balance between risks and rewards.

Our approach to requirements is always custom-developed and strategically prepared based on the specifics of the situation and client expectations. This ensures that we deliver the maximum value at the most cost effective fees within the required timelines.

 Grant Thornton’s IT Advisory service bouquet is defined to enable end-to-end interaction with our clients in their trust with technology. Starting from aligning the investment in technology to business goals to ensuring that the investment provides value and is suitably secured, our consultants bring their expertise and skills to deliver optimum solutions.

Being vendor and product agnostic provides us the right platform to advise our clients on the most suitable choices with focus only on your requirements. Continued involvement of our teams ensures that we are able to monitor and support any corrective action that may be required to ensure maximum benefit from the investment in technology. 

Strategizing Technologies

When your organization is in its start-up, rapid growth, or stabilization phase, investment in technology can define success. We develop Strategy to focus on technology alignment with business, securing sensitive data and compliance, to maximize return on investment. 

What Grant Thornton can do

  • Digital Transformation
  • FinTech and Blockchain Technology
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security & Compliance
  • E-Commerce 

Technology Adoption

We assist clients to manage and monitor their technology adoption initiatives. To derive the planned outcomes, an organization has to ensure that all programs and projects are implemented in an effective manner. 

What Grant Thornton can do

  • FinTech & Blockchain Integration
  • Business Case and Proof of Concepts (POC)
  • Project Management & Delivery
  • ERP System Selection & Implementation
  • VAT Assessment
  • Data Migration Review
  • Post Implementation Review 

Cyber Security and Data Protection 

In today’s highly connected environment, your organization is exposed to a number of internal and external security threats. We believe that information in an organization can be considered secure only when there is a clear definition of what needs to be secured, a strategy around how it should be secured, implemented steps around the activities that will keep it secure, clearly demarcated responsibility for implementing and maintaining security, and continuous measurement of the success of these measures. 

What Grant Thornton can do

  • Cyber Security
  • Information Security
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Policies and Procedures 
  • ISO 27001, ISO 22301 Certification Program
  • PCI DSS Technical Assessments and Certification Program
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Data protection and compliance  

Technology Governance & Risk Management

IT systems are considered one of the most valuable assets in an organization. We develop IT Governance & Operational Framework for our clients to effectively manage IT systems and associated risks. Our aim is to help our clients to ensure that their systems add value to their business. 

What Grant Thornton can do

  • IT Governance & Operations Framework - COBIT
  • ITIL / ISO 20000 Implementation & Certification
  • Vendor Selection
  • System Selection
  • Technical Contracts Review 

Knowledge Development

Our client service philosophy relies strongly on sharing knowledge and skills with our clients and their teams. We are pleased to share our skills, knowledge and experience through either formal trainings or on-the-project. We look forward to working with clients and conducting information security trainings. 

What Grant Thornton can do

  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • IT Governance and Management
  • IT Security & Cyber Security
  • Project Management 

Assessment and Monitoring

Management expects the IT operations to function seamlessly and efficiently. The IT function in any organization tends to operate on the edge due to these high expectations from the business. Our services around technology operations are focused on providing our clients the confidence in their technology function’s capabilities to handle the business requirements on an on-going basis. Our services around technology monitoring are: IT Internal Audit Teaming (co-sourced and outsourced) and IT Internal control testing.

Nishith Saxena
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Director - IT Advisory
Nishith Saxena
Nishith Saxena
Director - IT Advisory
Nishith Saxena