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Securing Remote Access

When it comes to technology, business leaders cannot sit back and wait. Unprecedented events require flexible working arrangements in order to enable organisations to maintain business continuity, for which technology infrastructure and security must be agile and effective.

Ensuring that workforce is enabled with the correct solutions to work remotely is essential. Businesses are resorting to the use of VPN, Proxy and similar such network devices, which could leave systems vulnerable due to external access, along with being prone to cyber attacks.

It is essential for businesses to assess their tech-vulnerability, along with verifying the security of remote access devices in order to avoid an attack, which could cost the business in loss of time, revenue and productivity, not to mention the reputational damage which would be caused.

At Grant Thornton, our team of cybersecurity experts have been working with businesses of all sizes, across industry. We assess any deficiencies in security, capacity and connectivity.



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